.:| welcome to resurfaced
............my name is rae.
............my favorite color is blue.

bill brasky is a fan of me. I have ten toes and no piercings. I have a bad habit of making fun of what I become (example : photoshop users.) yahoo! literati tm has taught me that 'waw' is a word, along with 'hoolie' and 'cel' and 'rin.' I'm somewhere between the ages of 22 and 44, which would most likely lead you to believe that I'm either 22 or 44. I lived in detroit, london, a small city in the middle of utah, eastern florida, and I'll be moving to san francisco soon. in the span of nine years, I've owned six guitars, yet can only play about three easily recognizable songs. ebay ripped me off but I'm not bitter about it. I have the guts to admit I'm lonely, but it might just be that I'm bored. I don't like your friends, but you're pretty cool.